Got anxiety? 3 Tips from Jesus in Gethsemane to Use Prayer For Anxiety.

From Aletia by Sarah Johnson

Blessed Fulton Sheen, the beloved priest and popular 1950s TV personality, once expounded on what Jesus faced in the Garden of Gethsemane; how we see Our Lord’s two distinct natures (human and Divine) expressed that dark night in profound ways:

One can dimly guess the psychological horror of the progressive stages of fear, anxiety, and sorrow which prostrated [Jesus] before even a single blow had been struck. It has been said that soldiers fear death much more before the zero hour of attack than in the heat of battle…
Blessed Fulton Sheen

Now if you’ve ever struggled with the emotions listed above — fear, anxiety, and sorrow — you’re probably familiar with the hurtful comments often made by well-intentioned friends.

“Have faith,” has always pained me most, even though I’m certain it’s never been offered with the least bit of unkindness. Still, this “consolation” infers that my anguish stems from a lack of faith; or that if I’m gifted with the perfect amount of faith, my anxiety will somehow go away.

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