Praedicate evangelium: Things you might have missed in the new Vatican constitution 

From CNA By Andrea Gagliarducci

Vatican City, Mar 21, 2022 / 06:00 am

The new Vatican constitution unveiled by Pope Francis on Saturday is, at first sight, a pastoral turning point.

There are many indications of this. There is the title of the document itself: Praedicate evangelium (“Preach the Gospel”), which emphasizes that the reform is geared toward evangelization. The pope becomes the prefect of the new Dicastery for Evangelization, now the first dicastery of the Curia.

Praedicate evangelium

The document also highlights the role of local bishops’ conferences, mentioning them 52 times. By contrast, the 1988 document Pastor bonus, the previous Vatican constitution, mentioned them just twice.

Yet this reform goes beyond the theme of evangelization. It is much more than a mere restructuring of the bodies of the Roman Curia. It represents a change of philosophy.

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