Here at A Catholic’s Perspective we pursue the true, the good, and the beautiful. The goal is Heaven. On this site we seek to serve Jesus Christ and His Church, while hoping to benefit and improve the lives of you, me, and everyone we meet. on these pages you will find introductory articles about Catholicism, as well as some more in depth topics concerning the Faith. We also offer commentary and insightful critique on political and church matters, while mixing in the arts and culture.

A word about the site name. I settled on the title A Catholic’s Perspective, for the same reason I listed myself as the editor above. Some day, hopefully, it will not just be me here offering my Catholic perspective alone, but there will be others voicing theirs too. With the help of God, who knows where it can go! Let us set off on this journey together then, in service of Jesus Christ and His Church, remembering that our goal is Heaven. We’d love to hear from you – Thanks for visiting!

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