College Converts: 3 Students’ Paths to the Catholic Church

From National Catholic Register by Meghan Schultz

Taking classes, working part time, building a social life, and encountering the truth of the Catholic faith: That’s how these students are spending their college careers. Each in their own way, they’ve met the Person of Jesus and made the decision to pursue him as a member of the Catholic Church.

College converts
Christ Chapel is where Aidan Cyrus (shown top left) went to Mass and had a life-changing encounter with the Eucharist. Andrew Dannemiller (shown bottom left) embraced the faith through St. Paul’s Outreach, Scripture and daily Mass. (photo: courtesy of subjects; Hillsdale chapel, Rosemary Surdyke)

From Lukewarmness

Aidan Cyrus ran a half-mile in the rain to get to the second Mass he had ever been to in his life. It was in the brand-new towering, austere chapel on Hillsdale College’s campus, and he went because, for some reason, he felt compelled to go.

Kneeling beside his friends in a pew, he watched the bishop raise the consecrated Host and say: “The Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”

“I’m not an emotional guy. I grew up in a church community that was very intense about your feelings because that’s how you stay close to Christ. I was turned off by that,” Cyrus told the Register. “But when the bishop held up the Host, I had this real feeling of fear, of genuine terror.”

Because if this was true, if that was Christ, he thought, he’d better change a lot about his life, and as soon as possible.

After Mass, he related his experience to a friend, who told him he had spent the Mass praying Cyrus would come to understand the Eucharist. Ten months later, that friend would sponsor Cyrus as he entered the Catholic Church.

Now 21 years old and a senior at Hillsdale, Cyrus grew up in a devout, loving, nondenominational family and attended a Baptist church where people referred to themselves as “Bible-believing Christians.” He grew confused when he observed what he understood to be their interpretation of what the Bible said instead. 

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